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Why Kompel Pharma?

We are a Professional and operated business built on a foundation of honesty, integrity and mutual respect. We have an established record of success and work collaboratively with our partners to add value and build business for both of our companies.

By partnering with Kompel Pharma, you can:

  • Start importing quickly and eliminate the time it would take to navigate through the complex Indian regulatory system
  • Benefit from our connections and knowledge developed over 10 years
  • Reduce costs by importing directly
  • Be confident in our expertise

Quality Check:
Indian Quality checks are complex and navigation through the system can be challenging, time consuming and overwhelming.

Our technical experts in quality assurance and regulatory affairs can:

  • Complete a full scientific evaluation of your product
  • Develop product formulations in line with current guidelines
  • Create packaging and labels that are compliant with Indian standards
  • Interpret regulations and liaise with government regulatory bodies to complete importing documentation

Strategic Sourcing:
Kompel Pharma adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices and through our years of experience, we have built valuable relationships with local suppliers who share the same values we do.

With our vast network of affiliations, we can:

  • Connect you with qualified local suppliers who are reliable, reputable and consistently deliver quality products
  • Audit supplier facilities
  • Monitor production processes

Brand Development and Marketing Services:
Our team of brand and marketing professionals can help successfully launch your product to Indian consumers.

From package design to advertising, our creative services team can:

  • Apply our intensive market research on Indian consumers to best launch and position your product
  • Explore innovative opportunities to advertise and promote
  • Develop educational support materials to cultivate brand awareness

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